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High quality products

Our vision is to continue to contribute to the promotion of human health and well-being, through the continued promotion of innovative, reliable and effective solutions in the Greek market both at product and service level, through continuous information and scientific support of our partners.

Every ingredient in a product is as important as the end product itself. This means that we carry out numerous and in-depth scientific tests and studies to ensure that each product fully meets the specifications on its label.

Initially, the raw materials are tested for quality, purity and potency. Subsequently, tests and studies are carried out on samples of each product, both during its production and development and on the final product.

Quality - Dosage - Ingredients

Our high quality nutritional supplements are ensured by the proper dosage of nutrients and herbs. And that's because the right dosage and combination of ingredients are what make a product effective or not. VioPharmed places great emphasis on it and therefore only produces products with the right dosage and potency, following scientific developments. This is the reason why it stand out in the field, gaining the trust of both experts and the public.

Another basic principle of VioPharmed is the detailed listing of ingredients in the nutrition label of its preparations. Particular emphasis is placed on the proper performance of the terms for all components, while not ordering to record everything used. Thus, every diet label on VioPharmed is an honest representation of what is contained in the product.

All nutritional supplements, either in tablet form or in capsules, contain active ingredients in combination with some inert. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to make nutritional supplements without the use of certain inert ingredients. Products that do not indicate these ingredients means that they are either poorly manufactured or that the nutrition label is defective.

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